Welcome to ImaKalya!

Welcome to ImaKalya!

Volume One

This is my very first post to ImaKalya.
My intention is to let this site slowly grow to contain my thoughts about food (including favorite recipes), mind and body regimens, herbs and spices – and how we can use all this to nourish our bodies, souls and minds.
I especially have a passion for understanding how herbs and spices have been used throughout history, and I hope this aspect of the site will develop to an interesting source for my fellow curious herbs and spice lovers.
I will cover a lot of different themes, both fictionally and scientifically.
My wish is to broaden this site’s scope in time, with numerous resources, and hopefully a lot of interesting, useful and entertaining stuff.

Please have some patience if you find the site look a little awry at the moment. I am still building the site, and I suppose it will take some time to grow it into it’s more “mature” form. If you have any comments or suggestions, then let me know. It would be great to hear from you.


About ImaKalya

I write about herbs, spices, food and a little around these topics.
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  1. BP says:


    I like your site! Congratulation. 🙂

    Your BP

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