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Dionysus and the Rose

Dionysus and the Rose   The rose is a very ancient flower. Fossils of rose leaves, shoots, thorns and buds are found as far back as from the Tertiary period. The rose has thus flourished on Earth for more than … Continue reading

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Psito Kréatos

Psito Kréatos   Marigold, Calendula officinalis, is probably native to southern Europe. Nobody knows for sure as it has been cultivated a very long time. We know that the flower was very popular with the ancient Greeks. In Greek mythology, … Continue reading

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Two Births on the Island of Cyprus

Two Births on the Island of Cyprus  The legend tells that Aphrodite was born out of the foam of the waves on the coast of Cyprus. Her father was Uranus, the primal Greek god personifying the sky.   Aphrodite is … Continue reading

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