Minthe – After Dinner Mint

Minthe – After Dinner Mint

Traditionally when you hear the words After Dinner Mint you think of a thin dark chocolate with a mint filling, at least that is what first pops into my mind.
I have composed a recipe for a dessert flavored with fresh mint leaves and dark chocolate, which I would like to call Minthe in honor of the beautiful young nymph, who is the source of the name of the used herb – Mentha or Mint

Pluto the ruler of the underworld fell in love with Minthe, and when Pluto’s wife Persephone found out, she cursed Minthe and transformed her into a common green plant. Pluto cried – he was not able to reverse the transformation, but at least he could give Minthe a gift to lessen the curse:            When someone tread upon her she gave away a sweet and fresh smell that grew in strength all the more she was downtrodden.      Thereby humans and other creatures learned that she could be useful in a thousand ways. Pluto consoled himself that he had ensured her a sense of immortality by providing her with the smell, and he himself would -at least- always be able to enjoy her fresh and lovely fragrance.


For two servings you will need:

  • 250 g Ricotta
  • 10 g  Dark Chocolate, preferably 70 % cocoa or darker
  • Sweetener of choice
  • ca. 10 fresh leaves of Mint
  • 1 drop of Mint Oil (optional)
  • Cocoa for topping

Chop the chocolate and the mint leaves and mix all of it with the ricotta, sweetener and, if wished, the drop of mint oil.
Put the mixture into two pretty small bowls, top with a thin layer of cocoa, and let the dessert cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Put a mint leave on top just before serving.



Nutritional information:
100 g ricotta  has 165 cal,  7,6 g protein,  3,6 g carbs,  13,3 g fat
10 g dark chocolate (the one I used) has 48 cal,  1 g protein,  4 g carbs,  4 g fat
I used a mixture of Splenda and erythritol as sweeteners so the total nutritional value depends on your choice of sweetener.
The nutritional value of mint in the used amount is insignificant.

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  1. Leukippos says:

    I tried! It taste delicious. Nice work!

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