How to live for 2000 years

How to Live for 2000 Years

The famous count de St. Germain claimed he knew the secret, and that he himself had reached this respectable age, and even had become ageless.
Around 1750 he was the protege of Madame Pompadour, and traveled the world as a diplomat for the French rulers.
The theosophist Annie Besant said she met him in 1896, her colleague C. W. Leadbeater claimed to have met him in Rome in 1926.
Nowadays, Dorothy Leon, who is a living author, claims to have had several encounters with St.Germain.

What was his secret? Or did he have several secrets?

St. Germain explained he had obtained  the recipe for the Species ad Longam Vitam, an “Elixir of Life”, during one of his many journeys to India.
The rumor of this treasure reached all corners of the world, and several governments sent emissaries to persuade him to sell the recipe.
He sold it with huge profit, among others to the Danish government, and in the Scandinavian countries, for over a hundred years, it was the              most used universal medicine, called                       “Saint-Germain-Te” – the Tea of St. Germain.

As far as I have researched the tea is made of a mixture of fennel-seeds, anise-seeds, tartrate crystals, tartaric acid crystals, senna and elderflower.

Can this tea prolong life? Why was it expensive?

The German MD Michael Brandner writes:

“When the tea is made of senna leaves, why is it expensive?
An elixir cannot be a tea. Although this tea, that is made of the above-mentioned ingredients, can’t be an elixir of life, it is true, at least, that St. Germain refers to this specialty as a life-prolonging agent, “Species longam ad vitam”. It is of course easy to make fun of the claim that a laxative (senna) is to be life-prolonging – if you do not know the medical context.                                                                                                           The claim to this effect is not unwarranted, as the “St. Germain-tea is a metabolism-improving agent for acute and chronic” deposition diseases (rheumatism, gout, gall and kidney stones). It not only acts as a laxative, but is also cooling (temperature-lowering and anti-inflammatory), regulates digestion, sweat, urine and bile driving. If this tea is properly prescribed – for  example for acute febrile rheumatism, or for obesity, or for gallstones – it may well be life prolonging. One knew and used the effects that certain laxatives also have on other organ systems.   E.g. the senna in the St. Germain-tea , is not only laxative, but is also gall-and period-driving.
Looking at the composition of this specialty, you can immediately see that St. Germain was a connoisseur and expert in this field. For example, the heating effect of senna has been offset by cooling salts, which are connected in an original way with the seeds. Through the tartaric acid crystals, the tea will also have the effect of a fever lemonade. Considering then the many variations of this specialty, which arose later in Europe, we see even more how much intelligence and artistry that lies in this tea mixture..”

This little essay tries to explore one of St. Germain’s secrets. I know he had more, which I will write about in a later post.

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2 Responses to How to live for 2000 years

  1. Leukippos says:

    The end of aging!

  2. Koen says:

    Perhaps it is useful to point out that the anti-aging substance Resveratrol was first isolated from Senna Quinquangulata? So it’s not just a laxative, it’s also a Resveratrol source. Although perhaps it would be better to use Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum Cuspidatum) since that contains the largest amount of Resveratrol compared to other plants (including the Chinese Knotweed /”Fo-Ti”/Polygonum Multiflora/Fallopia Multiflora). Alternatively one might be able to use pterostillbene compounds from blueberries, or tumeric/curcuma, since they have been found to have nearly identical and synergetic effects to and with Resveratrol.
    There you go. The “secret” of this anti-aging tea revealed. 🙂

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