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Christopher and the Peppers of the New World

Christopher and the Peppers of the New World After five weeks at sea, October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus, for the first time, reached the shores of what he thought was Asia. He had estimated that a westward route from Spain … Continue reading

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An Ancient Remedy for Curing Cold

An Ancient Remedy for Curing Cold Ancient Egypt is famous for its medical knowledge and use of organic products as herbs and spices for treatments.  It has been found a wine jar from the tomb of one of Egypt’s first … Continue reading

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Potage de St. Germain or St. Germain’s Soup

Potage de St. Germain, or St. Germain’s Soup This is a recipe for a soup that many people claim belongs to the list of the top ten soups in the world. It is said it is named after the count … Continue reading

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Mnemosyne and Rosemary

Mnemosyne and Rosemary I have been here before,                  But when or how I cannot tell:          I know the grass beyond the door,   The sweet keen smell, The sighing sound, the lights … Continue reading

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How to Sight the Fairies

How to Sight the Fairies Sometimes between  1590  and  1596  Shakespeare wrote in A Midsummer Night’s Dream II, 2 : “I know a bank whereon the wild thyme blows Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows; Quite over canopied with … Continue reading

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Minthe – After Dinner Mint

Minthe – After Dinner Mint Traditionally when you hear the words After Dinner Mint you think of a thin dark chocolate with a mint filling, at least that is what first pops into my mind. I have composed a recipe … Continue reading

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How to live for 2000 years

How to Live for 2000 Years The famous count de St. Germain claimed he knew the secret, and that he himself had reached this respectable age, and even had become ageless. Around 1750 he was the protege of Madame Pompadour, … Continue reading

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The Love of Basil

The Love of Basil Once upon a time there was a king who lived in the middle of an enormous forest populated with a lot of wild animals and other dangerous creatures. He had to defend his kingdom and engaged … Continue reading

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Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca alla Romana This is a map of downtown Rome during the Roman Empire. Seeing this it made me think of Saltimbocca alla Romana. Don’t ask me why. Maybe I remembered a sunny day in a Roman trattoria a long … Continue reading

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Lemon Mousse

Lemon Mousse This is a delicious and simple to make dessert. 4 servings 250 g mascarpone 2 eggs 1 lemon Sweetener of choice Pinch of salt Remove the mascarpone from the fridge to let it soften. Separate the egg yolks … Continue reading

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