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ImaKalya is a site about herbs and spices and everything in between. I post recipes, but this is not mainly a cooking site. My aim is to explore the cultural history surrounding the use of herbs and spices. This in a very wide context. Medical use, superstition, art, fiction, all the themes and connections you can think of.

I have had a passion for this subject for years and I hope I can share some of my enthusiasm with you.


ImaKalya – the name of the site is chosen with the root in the originally Sanskrit unisex name Kalya, which means healthy, praise and object of meditation.
As a male Sanskrit name, Kalya is pronounced with a short final vowel ‘a’ and means “the healthy”.
As a female Sanskrit name, Kalya is pronounced with a long final vowel ‘a’ and means “she who is the object of meditation”.

If you would like to contribute, write for the site, or have questions – feel free to leave a reply, or use the form on my contact page.




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  1. Hello, I hopped over to your webpage from stumbleupon. It’s not something I would normally read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanx for creating an article worth reading!

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